Procreate & Architecture: How to Use Procreate for Architectural Rendering & Interior Design

Welcome back to Procreate Masterclass. My name is James Akers, I'm a registered architect and illustrator, and my mission is to help you master the Procreate drawing app so you can do everything on Procreate that we used to do with pencils, pens and watercolor. In today's masterclass, I use Procreate and iPad Pro to develop the design details of a hotel lobby from freehand sketch on back of an envelope to full color rendering ascvhahjvbalfahfsa76q971974r9qeahf

Painting Three Portraits in PROCREATE – Time Lapse

Some portraits I painted in Procreate :D These were quick practice sketches. I actually used Forever 21 models as reference. If you'd like to join my Procreate IPad class, you can watch on Skillshare or download from Gumroad :) M A T E R I A L S Procreate App: iPad Pro & Apple Pencil: Favorite books and supplies!: Some amazon affiliate links have been used. :) L I N K S Website: Class Subscriptions: Class Downloads: Deviantart: Instagram: Facebook: