RAW vs JPEG – Why You Should Be Shooting RAW.

Nowadays, using a digital camera you'll have the option to select different file types. You can select RAW or choose to shoot in other modes. BUT what are the benefits of shooting using different file formats? In this video I show you why RAW mode is best if you want to capture the maximum amount of information in your picture whereas in JPEG mode you'll have a smaller compresses file. I compare RAW and JPEG versions of the same image in Lightroom. Initially the images appear identical but you'll soon discover how RAW is the better format to work with. I hope you enjoy, Karl RAW vs JPEG... Read more on my blog here: http://bit.ly/camera-raw-vs-jpeg ----------------------------------------------------------- Are you a keen photographer? Download my cheat sheet and transform your photography, starting today: http://vid.io/xq4t ********************* Don't miss the next LIVE online photography workshop: http://bit.ly/karl-taylor-online-workshops

Tutorial Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 : Cómo usarlo correctamente | video2brain

Curso completo: http://bit.ly/2aIdrAY Cuando adquieres Photoshop, junto con él adquieres Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw y Adobe Photoshop. Bridge nos sirve para ordenar y gestionar nuestros archivos, Camera Raw para revelar los archivos raw y sacar todo el provecho a su latitud y, por último, Photoshop dar estilo o manipular nuestras imágenes. Este vídeo está extraído del curso de Joan Roig Artigues "Adobe Camera Raw 9.5" de video2brain.

How To Adjust The Colors Using Camera Raw Filter In Photoshop CC

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