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“EXISTENCE” – Short film by Peter Coulson – VINCENT LI SS15/16 MENS COLLECTION

We have slowly lost the ability to think, and the forms of our bodies are dislocated, stretched, and twisted, “How to exist in this world?” By constantly torturing, doubting and questioning, the sense of presence reminds and alerts us to think about our own existence, the meaning of existence, how to exist, as well as how to live better.
The song “Existence”, which is written by the Chinese rock singer – WANG FENG, has a positive rather than negative meaning even decadent, and a truly authentic feel. It expressed a feel of vicissitudes commonly found among eastern Asian artists, but the lyrics empowered and spirited audiences, and allowed us to release our emotions even though the direction of our life may become blurring, confused, and lost.
The collection explores existentialism in art, and is an expression of the meaning of existence that the designer Vincent Li explores alternative styles against the established rules of menswear. This collection is to celebrate our individualities, and dress us with confidence, attitude, and freedom.

Film & Editing – Peter Coulson
Music – Peter Coulson
Model – Brodie, Vicious models
Designer – VINCENT LI
Release Date: 17/03/2015

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    Pics: By Pixabay

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