PRESETS FOR LIGHTROOMAs a photographer, when editing images you will need to  have just the right slide combinations  for image editing ,depending on the image. These pre-arranged settings are called presets. A presets for lightroom is the perfect  positioning  of some or all of the of sliders in a lightroom which will enable  the photographer to edit photos with the right light exposure and then save the combination  of slider positions for future use on another image. It is very easy, once you have a photo edited the way you want it then you can save those settings.

Taking photography to the next level with light room

Lightroom was designed by the company that created Photoshop (those people know their software) and the have been the rave with photographers. This is simply because you can easily take your photos from just there to outright amazing with a few presets. You can create your own presets for Light room or simply buy some online and if you do not want to shell out some money for presets, you can get some not so quality ones to download for free.Lightroom presets are quite easy to use and they add a different and higher quality to images.

How to use presets for Lightroom

When you are editing an image, you either want it underexposed or overexposed. The thing with presets is that you can have the ones that can be applied to general pictures which you can automatically use and you can have the ones that you have made specifically for certain images.It is a good idea to separate your presets by type, based on the image quality and the amount of light exposure you usedWith this, you would be amazed by the amount of random presets you would have accumulated   over a few years.To make your work easier, consider creating folders based on the type of edits they are. It is also good to name your presets by the type of settings used for each job. This will help you to quickly find the preset you are looking for based on what type of edit you want to do.When saving your presets, you can specify the settings you used while working and separate the adjustments you applied to them.To use the Lightroom preset,simply open develop module, next, click on the image you want to work on, select it and then switch to develop module, click on the preset you want to apply it.
presets for lightroom

presets for lightroom

 If you are having problems remembering what each preset does, Adobe has a feature that allows you preview what each of the presets do. To view them, you simply hover your mouse over each preset and the image of what they would look like when applied will show up.

Best Lightroom presets for portraits FREE

Best Lightroom presets for portraits FREE

Today a Lightroom preset is a tool that economizes photographer`s time and shortens the amount of devoted efforts. For this reason, the bundles of professional Lightroom presets become popular. In this article you will find the description of 4 FREE and the most widely chosen packs – Portrait, Wedding, Film, and Matte.

Top free portrait Lightroom presets 

free portrait Lightroom presets Portrait editing is concentrated on face. This bundle is created to demonstrate the unique colors of model’s facial features.Lightroom presets for professional photographers that are focused on portrait editing solve all possible problems that are connected with face colors. Altogether, they eliminate greasy luster, spots, scars and pimples and after that add a smooth effect. Additionally, they are capable to change contrast and photo light intensity. If you need to add special effects, you can add glamour effect as well as appealing gradation and deep shadows.After downloading this rich package, you will get 10 FREE Lightroom presets for portraits. Soft balance of colors is guaranteed. They are commonly used to raise warmness, get a lowing contrast and diminishing vibrance. Rather popular are the LR presets that produce b&w effect.There are different types of portraits. In the package you will also find LR plugins that add film, vintage, contrast soft, light vignette and soft skin look for any style you want. 

Top Lightroom presets for weddings

Not less required and downloaded are free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers. They will be beneficial both for skilled photographers and for beginning second shooters in high wedding season. This pack possesses a number of photo editing advantages. It works professionally with all wide-spread raw and not so used jpeg photo files. The LR presets are completely customizable. With the help of several not difficult clicks, you will apply any Lightroom preset you need. The main benefit is that they edit a huge amount of photos due to a synchronization. That is essential for wedding photo sessions with thousands of pictures.You will be able to choose any effect from the offered FREE 10 best Lightroom presets for weddings. Cold light or Warm filter present photos in soft and warm tones by expanding shadows, correcting blacks, clarity and vibrance. Warm matte and White balance presets enhance your photography with blacks and vibrance expansion as well as saturation lowering. Unchangeable classic is presented with black and white LR presets. They expand shadows, picture contrast and blacks, but saturation and exposure do not undergo any changes. Vintage soft effect can also be chosen. These LR filters expand blacks and whites and lessen saturation. Highlights and exposure remain unchanged. Toning orange is highly recommended to install. They raise lights, vibrance and shadows. In the same time, they lessen highlights, darks and saturation.  

FREE Matte Lightroom presets for portraits

Matte is the most demanded Lightroom preset in Google in 2017. It suits perfectly for portrait images, adds warm shades and a nostalgic mood. Photos look like as if they were taken many years ago. The focus of their work is color washing out.In the package you will download 10 different LR presets either for Windows or Mac. Contrast warm LR plugins add extra saturation, highlight the photo center and remove unnecessary shadows. To get the visible effect of alluring antiquity, you should download vintage Lightroom presets that lighten the picture and reduce saturation. Varied retro portraits or urban landscapes will look professionally with cold warm LR filters that make pictures pastel and not bright. Street images are often edited by autumn Lightroom plugins, because of their ability to strengthen colors by enlarging brightness and too low contrast. If you have a dilemma how to use Lightroom presets with such effects, you should be familiar the case that if you name yourself a great fan of vintage, you should use these Matte Lightroom presets. The final outcomes depend greatly on initial characteristics. Light photos acquire higher brightness, and dark deep pictures receive a yellowish tone. Such LR presets present a number of advantages. The Lightroom presets deal with all current versions of LR software and show high-quality results either with RAW or JPEG files. Sepia and vintage Lightroom plugins are built-in. 

Lightroom film presets free pack 

The last package contains Film effects. They have been specifically designed according to a special algorithm. Retouchers took some best known films and tried to replicate the used colors, contrast and graininess.The most popular LR presets are classical black and white filters. Despite the monochrome coloring, tones remain warm and matte. It becomes possible due to shadow and vibrance expanding. Grain and contrast Lightroom presets from this pack do not change picture coloring, only contrast and light options are corrected. Among these 10 professional Lightroom presets photographers may also find Tonning warm LR plugins. They add tenderness, lightness and coziness of raw images, considerable saturation diminishing and shadows expansion. The most unusual are Film 1960 LR presets. They blur the background, and make colors dimmer. They suit to portrait photos because they make skin more natural. The same effect will be achieved in case of choosing Soft Skin Lightroom presets. They diminish highlights and saturation as well as expand shadows and blacks. Film Beige and Vintage Lightroom plugins complete the package. You will get slight vignetting and blurring.All Lightroom presets present a number of advantages. In case you want to develop your knowledge and discover to apply Lightroom presets, you should find out that they deal with all current versions of LR software and show high-quality results either with RAW or JPEG files. Download them for FREE, and enhance your portrait photographs with 1 click. 

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