Lightroom presets

Addicts to Lightroom presets: download options.

Addicts to Lightroom presets: download options

We have focused on Adobe Lightroom, an excellent program to organize our workflow, agile yet powerful and full of possibilities, it has thousands of functions that can make our level of work easier to edit, we just have to learn make the most of this program. We are going to recommend a series of programs that you can download to get the best presets, this is ideal for you that you love to have and have the best tools to edit your photos, are some practical programs, some better than others but all comply with your function.
Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets

It's your time to make a difference with the edition of your photos, we all love photography and the editing is a very important factor when it comes to giving a different touch to photography, just look for and get the one that is right for you.
  • Lightroom Killer Tips

One of the best websites about Lightroom, very updated and full of resources for users of this software. Within its multiple offer there is a complete section dedicated to the presets, all with their description, examples and ready to be downloaded for free.
  • Presets Heaven

The paradise of presets, dedicated exclusively to offering tutorials and enough presets to satisfy anyone. The best you can find is there are very specific presets: to enhance wedding photos, for nocturnal snapshots, for portraits. In addition to the most effective and fun to use, it is indispensable.
  • Lightroom Library

It has been somewhat stagnant but it does not mean that it has a wide range of really excellent presets. They are easy to choose thanks to the image with the preset applied by way of example, so it only touches navigate the gallery and choose the one that we like more to be downloaded.
  • PresetPond

Another must-have since it is dedicated exclusively to it. Examples, descriptions and something very interesting, user assessment. You know if you download and test it you can vote for others to take it into account.
  • X-equals

Very complete site with good dedication to Lightroom, with tricks, tips and very own presets very interesting. It is worth to dive for your listing and try the most curious.
  • Inside Lightroom

Another site dedicated entirely to Adobe software and includes an extensive list of presets sorted by categories: cross-process, calibration, black and white, and contains installation instructions.
  • OnOne PhotoPresets software

It offers a good number of presets for all types of effects: face, black and white, corrections of color and tone and creative effects for all tastes, strident and classic. Of course, to download your complete batch of presets requires registration. Mere process, because it is free. It has a variety of 190 Lightroom presets totally free. To play with colors, better handle the black and white. In addition, on them you can create variations and on your base create your own presets. Works with all versions of LR and is available for PC and Mac.
Lightroom presets secrets

How to Create Your Own Preset in Lightroom?

How to Create Your Own Preset in Lightroom?

How? Can we create our own preset in Lightroom? Well of course! Let's see how to do them step by step so that we do not get lost. First we will open a photo and apply the changes and adjustments that we want within the module Reveal. Once the editing of that photo is finished, we will open the Reveal menu, and we will give you the option of New Preset. You can also do this by pressing the "+" symbol in the Presets panel.
preset in Lightroom

preset in Lightroom

Inside the window that opens, we will indicate the name that we want to give this preset, and select the changes that we want to keep in it. Imagine that one of the changes you have applied is a graduated filter. Surely for the rest of the photos that you are going to apply your preset that graduated filter is not valid, therefore it is advisable that you do not select the option of Graduated Filter for your preset. Finally, we will press the Create button, and our preset will now appear in the Presets panel with the name that we have given. When we have many presets on the panel it can be a bit tedious to start looking for the one we want, so we can create folders to be able to classify them and work more efficiently (black and white presets, portrait presets, landscape presets ...). To do this, we will go to the Edit menu / New folder of presets, we will give a name to that folder and press the button of Create. Then we just have to drag the presets to the folder and we have everything properly sorted.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Lightroom Presets

  • Get familiar with presets. At first, if you give us a list of 20 or 30 presets for us to download, we go crazy with joy. But what happens at the time of using them? We seem too many, we may not know which to choose, or that we try them all in each of our images ... and that, far from improving our workflow, rather it dulls. But do not give up. We need some time to get accustomed, that these presets do not overwhelm us and we feel comfortable working with them. The more you use them, the more efficient you will be using them.
  • Create a folder with your favorite presets. As you use presets or presets, you will notice that you have your favorites, and that it is usually a very select group that you use most frequently. To make your work easier, create a new folder in the preset catalog and drag in those presets you use the most.
  • Do not be afraid to modify a preset. When we begin to edit our images it can be overwhelming to choose from so many options that Lightroom gives us to adjust our shots if we have not seen them before. If we apply a preset, in addition to seeing the differences between Before and After a shot, we can see the changes that have been made in the editing panel to reach that result. The result may not convince us, but the best thing about the presets is that we can modify them, they are not immovable. So, you can play with the sliders of the different parameters to adjust your image until you get the exact result you want. And you can even save it as a new preset with those latest changes!
lightroom user presets

How to download and install other lightroom user presets?

How to download and install other lightroom user presets?

There are many websites where you can find lightroom user presets shared by other users. Some interesting collections can be found on the Adobe blog. Uploading them for use in your Lightroom is very simple. Normally, the presets are compressed in ZIP format. Download the ones you want and unzip them. You will see a file with extension .lrtemplate: right-click on it and copy it. Then open the Lightroom preferences (Apple Menu> Preferences) and in the Presets option click Show folder of the Lightroom Presets Folder. Go to Develop Presets> User Presets and paste the file you copied there. When you reopen Lightroom, in Preset> lightroom user presets you will find your new template that is ready to be used. We must bear in mind that the usefulness of the presets is completely conditioned by the actual state of the initial photograph. We will not have the same results in one photo slightly overexposed than in another with dominant color.
lightroom user presets

lightroom user presets

Advantages that provide the preset settings are:

  • Editing workflow automation
  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Substantial saving in the time of editing an image
  • You can use them to set your own style
  • You can use them as base setting for editing photos
  • Speed: By using them we can obtain with a single click a process that could require much more time.
  • Easy: Regardless of the experience we have in LR or PS, anyone can use Presets and actions.
  • Amazing effects: Depending on the set of Presets or actions they are using, they could get beautiful results, which they might not achieve on their own.
  • Lightroom Remember your Last Settings. You can play to resize the blocks and hide them until you leave them to your liking. The next time you start the Lightroom program, it will recover the configuration that was last used.
  • Value the possibility of creating a virtual copy from an already retouched photograph. This gives the possibility of a new framing, a black and white version, a creative adjustment, but keeping a copy with the previous adjustment not to lose it.
  • Do not import duplicates. In this way, Lightroom detects if it has already been imported in advance each of the photos and thus avoiding duplicates.

Disadvantages that provide the preset settings are:

  • Not always the best option: If you know something about development or editing, you should know that what you have done in one photo will not necessarily look the same in another photo; Exposure values, light, contrast, sharpness, white balance, etc. Would have to be the same so that a preset or an action created from an image, can give us the same result.
  • The photo has to be good: If we start from a bad photograph, badly exposed, poorly focused, in low light, we can not have many expectations about what we will get at the end. Both LR and PS are better with good photographs, actions and presets to make a good photo look more spectacular.
Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets, also known as presets, are one of the most interesting and useful features found in the Lightroom editing program. This is a set of adjustments and changes in the edition that is made and saved, to then be able to apply them with just one click on all the photographs we want. This allows us to speed up our workflow and save a lot of time at the time of editing. The Presets panel will be found in the Lightroom Reveal module on the left side. By default, the program already has some presets so that we can use them, but the most interesting thing is to create or find the presets that we like and then apply them to our pictures when we edit.
Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets

How to Apply a Preset to Photos?

To apply a preset to our photography is very simple. To do this, you must open the Presets panel in which all the presets we have installed will appear. We will pass the mouse over them, and before applying them, we can already see in the miniature of the Navigator panel how our image will remain after applying the preset, it is like a preview that we can observe. If you are convinced, just click on that preset and you will see how your image changes almost as if by magic. In the development settings panel you can check the changes that have been applied. If you can not really appreciate the changes in the Navigator panel thumbnail, it is best to apply the preset and compare the before and after the photo. If it does not convince you, you can always undo the action from the Edit / Undo menu or with Control + Z / Command + Z.

What do Lightroom Presets bring to our edition?

The use of Lightroom presets gives us a number of advantages when processing and revealing our photographs, making our edition better and more attractive.
  • They allow us to save a lot of time in editing.
  • They help us keep the same look or appearance in editing and postprocessing a series of images, that is, they help us to keep a consistent edition in them.
  • They allow us to learn editing techniques, since observing the changes that are applied in the panel of the development adjustments, we can see what kind of changes are more appropriate for one type of photo or another.
  • We can work editing our photos in batches. If you make a session of 100 photos does not need to be retouched from scratch one by one. Edit one of them, save the changes as a preset and apply to the rest. Then you will have to review them, but not edit them from the beginning and it is very useful and really practical.
  • They are a good starting point from which we can continue working, since they allow us to re-edit what is edited. Applying a preset does not have to end with a photo ready to publish and display. One of the strengths of Lightroom presets is that we can always readjust them to our liking to get the best edition for our photo, something ideal for those who are very perfectionists.
typical errors in Lightroom

Tips to avoid typical errors in Lightroom

Tips to avoid typical errors in Lightroom

In many occasions when we use a tool we usually do as inexperienced, that is why we must take into account that we are always in time to become the best using it, so we are going to provide some tips that can be useful to you work time for you. The idea is to be the best in the photo editing and use all the useful tools that Lightroom offers all its users, learn to profit at all times.
Tips to avoid typical errors in Lightroom.

Tips to avoid typical errors in Lightroom.


Learn Keyboard Shortcuts: You'll Save Long!

If you know them and use them, your workflow will be much faster and more efficient. As shown, some keyboard shortcuts:
  • D: Access to "Reveal"
  • E: Access to "Library" Mode
  • G: Display in "Red" mode
  • B: Add / Remove Quick Collection
  • A: Access to the Trimming and Turning tool
  • C: Access to Display Mode "Comparison"
  • N: Access to the "Survey"
  • 1-5: Punctuation assignment from 1 to 5 to the selected photo (s)

You can be free and work in DNG

typical errors in Lightroom

typical errors in Lightroom

If you work in the RAW format provided by your camera, Lightroom will not be able to include all the information about keywords and adjustments made in the file itself, but will have to do it in the famous sidecars (.xmp files). For this reason, Lightroom does not "know" how to write to these files and has to store in addition to the original, the file of modifications and adjustments (.xmp). Therefore, my recommendation is that when importing new images, you convert them to DNG format instead of maintaining the original format of your camera. This will ensure you work on an open format and where you can include all the information of the retouched images. And all this, without having to have the photograph and, in addition, a file that includes the adjustments, as happens when using the RAW format of your camera. You can convert your new imports to DNG format, through File -> Import Photos from Disc. Once the source directory is indicated, select the option "Copy photos as digital negative (DNG) and add to the catalog".

You can save time by reusing the work from one photo to another.

Although there are no two identical photos and this is applicable to the fact that there are no two photos on which to apply the same retouch settings, it is true that there are certain adjustments that can be used from one photo to another. In that sense, I recommend that when working on your photos, identify a representative picture of a given set, apply a basic touch-up, copy settings and apply to other photos. Later it will be touched to be more precise with each of the photos, but, undoubtedly, the starting point of the later retouching will avoid you to repeat common steps, do not you think? To do this, use the Copy and Paste tool provided by Lightroom in the left panel of the "Reveal" module.
photo editing software

Which Photo Editing Software Is Best for You?

Which Photo Editing Software Is Best for You?

We all like taking photos, but we usually never take the time to fix our photos after they happen to be taken. It could be a real shame since with just a couple adjustments we can turn a so so picture in a real winner. Should you be worried about price or lack of skill you needn't. There are very affordable photo editing options to major program and pricey ones like photo editing software Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements

photo editing software

photo editing software

Photoshop Elements as an example offers much of the functionality that Photoshop does, certainly more than many people is ever going to use, with merely a fraction with the cost. To place your other worries ease, you can find amazing paid and free tutorials both on the web and in written books that will simplify your Photoshop usage greatly. And in many cases unless you genuinely wish to start learning Photoshop, the basic tools that will make your picture so much better, are so simple to use it is possible to simply do experimentation before you set things right .. Let us take a peek at several steps that while are quite simple can really make difference when it comes down to our beloved pictures. We'll start by cropping the whole picture, this is the opportunity to get any disturbances from the focus of the picture (you know what I'm discussing, that ugly neighbor who just happened to pass through in the back of one's family picture). Another useful tool will be the sharpen tool, will increase the risk for colors of your pictures "jump out" and earn its overall quality look much crisper. Express Digital Certainly the only real PC software to be designed through the start to match the work of Event Photographers is Express Digital that will come in numerous versions, 2 of which include the Core and Pro versions. Core is a standalone version that enables using Chroma-Key (Green Screen), templates for Logo overlays even complete magazine covers. There is certainly basic image editing available plus it easily integrates with Photoshop for further advanced editing. Around the business front you can design print packages and hang up pricing, a totally integrated system. One of the major advantages is always that in seconds virtually anybody can learn the basic functionality that they have to know to start selling your event photography images. It is possible to utilize a multiple monitor setup whereby the client just sees the look along with the operator are able to see all of their tools. Built in FTP, utilization of Hot Folders in addition to in-built camera tethering signify you'll not be lacking a method to getting images into the program. The closest available to this particular designed specifically for the Apple MAC is TEPS-X

Adobe Lightroom

While using launch of version 3 this can be becoming extremely popular with a variety of event photographers. It is possible to setup a second monitor system just like express digital along with the ability to configure print packages and various page layouts. Whilst you cannot build a magazine template you can actually configure it to overlay a company logo. Lightroom has among the best auto white balance tools there is certainly and if shooting under difficult conditions including indoor equestrian it merely requires a single click to quickly sort things out. This is when Lightroom scores over all kinds of other programs, the ability and accuracy of its editing tools are second to none. Need a specific image effect, then just create one or download one of the many available. There are other tools incorporated such as auto import along with the ability to keyword since the image is imported along with the capability to setup all sorts of level of image export that is well suited for supplying digital media.



PRESETS FOR LIGHTROOMAs a photographer, when editing images you will need to  have just the right slide combinations  for image editing ,depending on the image. These pre-arranged settings are called presets. A presets for lightroom is the perfect  positioning  of some or all of the of sliders in a lightroom which will enable  the photographer to edit photos with the right light exposure and then save the combination  of slider positions for future use on another image. It is very easy, once you have a photo edited the way you want it then you can save those settings.

Taking photography to the next level with light room

Lightroom was designed by the company that created Photoshop (those people know their software) and the have been the rave with photographers. This is simply because you can easily take your photos from just there to outright amazing with a few presets. You can create your own presets for Light room or simply buy some online and if you do not want to shell out some money for presets, you can get some not so quality ones to download for free. Lightroom presets are quite easy to use and they add a different and higher quality to images.

How to use presets for Lightroom

When you are editing an image, you either want it underexposed or overexposed. The thing with presets is that you can have the ones that can be applied to general pictures which you can automatically use and you can have the ones that you have made specifically for certain images. It is a good idea to separate your presets by type, based on the image quality and the amount of light exposure you used With this, you would be amazed by the amount of random presets you would have accumulated   over a few years. To make your work easier, consider creating folders based on the type of edits they are. It is also good to name your presets by the type of settings used for each job. This will help you to quickly find the preset you are looking for based on what type of edit you want to do. When saving your presets, you can specify the settings you used while working and separate the adjustments you applied to them. To use the Lightroom preset,simply open develop module, next, click on the image you want to work on, select it and then switch to develop module, click on the preset you want to apply it.
presets for lightroom

presets for lightroom

  If you are having problems remembering what each preset does, Adobe has a feature that allows you preview what each of the presets do. To view them, you simply hover your mouse over each preset and the image of what they would look like when applied will show up.
free portrait Lightroom presets 

Best Lightroom presets for portraits FREE

Best Lightroom presets for portraits FREE

Today a Lightroom preset is a tool that economizes photographer`s time and shortens the amount of devoted efforts. For this reason, the bundles of professional Lightroom presets become popular. In this article you will find the description of 4 FREE and the most widely chosen packs – Portrait, Wedding, Film, and Matte.

Top free portrait Lightroom presets 

free portrait Lightroom presets Portrait editing is concentrated on face. This bundle is created to demonstrate the unique colors of model’s facial features. Lightroom presets for professional photographers that are focused on portrait editing solve all possible problems that are connected with face colors. Altogether, they eliminate greasy luster, spots, scars and pimples and after that add a smooth effect. Additionally, they are capable to change contrast and photo light intensity. If you need to add special effects, you can add glamour effect as well as appealing gradation and deep shadows. After downloading this rich package, you will get 10 FREE Lightroom presets for portraits. Soft balance of colors is guaranteed. They are commonly used to raise warmness, get a lowing contrast and diminishing vibrance. Rather popular are the LR presets that produce b&w effect. There are different types of portraits. In the package you will also find LR plugins that add film, vintage, contrast soft, light vignette and soft skin look for any style you want.  

Top Lightroom presets for weddings

Not less required and downloaded are free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers. They will be beneficial both for skilled photographers and for beginning second shooters in high wedding season. This pack possesses a number of photo editing advantages. It works professionally with all wide-spread raw and not so used jpeg photo files. The LR presets are completely customizable. With the help of several not difficult clicks, you will apply any Lightroom preset you need. The main benefit is that they edit a huge amount of photos due to a synchronization. That is essential for wedding photo sessions with thousands of pictures. You will be able to choose any effect from the offered FREE 10 best Lightroom presets for weddings. Cold light or Warm filter present photos in soft and warm tones by expanding shadows, correcting blacks, clarity and vibrance. Warm matte and White balance presets enhance your photography with blacks and vibrance expansion as well as saturation lowering. Unchangeable classic is presented with black and white LR presets. They expand shadows, picture contrast and blacks, but saturation and exposure do not undergo any changes. Vintage soft effect can also be chosen. These LR filters expand blacks and whites and lessen saturation. Highlights and exposure remain unchanged. Toning orange is highly recommended to install. They raise lights, vibrance and shadows. In the same time, they lessen highlights, darks and saturation.    

FREE Matte Lightroom presets for portraits

Matte is the most demanded Lightroom preset in Google in 2017. It suits perfectly for portrait images, adds warm shades and a nostalgic mood. Photos look like as if they were taken many years ago. The focus of their work is color washing out. In the package you will download 10 different LR presets either for Windows or Mac. Contrast warm LR plugins add extra saturation, highlight the photo center and remove unnecessary shadows. To get the visible effect of alluring antiquity, you should download vintage Lightroom presets that lighten the picture and reduce saturation. Varied retro portraits or urban landscapes will look professionally with cold warm LR filters that make pictures pastel and not bright. Street images are often edited by autumn Lightroom plugins, because of their ability to strengthen colors by enlarging brightness and too low contrast. If you have a dilemma how to use Lightroom presets with such effects, you should be familiar the case that if you name yourself a great fan of vintage, you should use these Matte Lightroom presets. The final outcomes depend greatly on initial characteristics. Light photos acquire higher brightness, and dark deep pictures receive a yellowish tone. Such LR presets present a number of advantages. The Lightroom presets deal with all current versions of LR software and show high-quality results either with RAW or JPEG files. Sepia and vintage Lightroom plugins are built-in.  

Lightroom film presets free pack 

The last package contains Film effects. They have been specifically designed according to a special algorithm. Retouchers took some best known films and tried to replicate the used colors, contrast and graininess. The most popular LR presets are classical black and white filters. Despite the monochrome coloring, tones remain warm and matte. It becomes possible due to shadow and vibrance expanding. Grain and contrast Lightroom presets from this pack do not change picture coloring, only contrast and light options are corrected. Among these 10 professional Lightroom presets photographers may also find Tonning warm LR plugins. They add tenderness, lightness and coziness of raw images, considerable saturation diminishing and shadows expansion. The most unusual are Film 1960 LR presets. They blur the background, and make colors dimmer. They suit to portrait photos because they make skin more natural. The same effect will be achieved in case of choosing Soft Skin Lightroom presets. They diminish highlights and saturation as well as expand shadows and blacks. Film Beige and Vintage Lightroom plugins complete the package. You will get slight vignetting and blurring. All Lightroom presets present a number of advantages. In case you want to develop your knowledge and discover to apply Lightroom presets, you should find out that they deal with all current versions of LR software and show high-quality results either with RAW or JPEG files. Download them for FREE, and enhance your portrait photographs with 1 click.  

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